The Interactive and Trustworthy Technologies Group (formally known as Multi-Modal Interaction Group (MMIG)) was established at Glasgow Caledonian University in 2008 by Prof Lynne Baillie and her team who have a fascination for how people interact with technology.

Our research into ITT is dedicated to investigating new technological challenges and opportunities, and the impact they have on the population in terms of convenience, usability, performance and security. Research areas include:

- Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
- Usable security
- Rehabilitation technologies
- Health and wellness applications
- Mobile applications and networks
- Information retrieval
- Novel interaction (e.g. thermal interfaces)
- Big data
- Digital forensics
- Software and systems

Interaction encompasses several areas of research e.g. tangible, mobile and social interactions. Applications and systems in the future will be built mainly for mobile and ubiquitous settings it is therefore imperative that researchers lead the way in developing and investigating: novel interaction modalities, novel genres, interactive navigation, novel interface solutions for particular user groups, such as elderly users, and novel perspectives on how to integrate the digitally mediated social space with the physical space.

Our work builds on user-centred design tradition where end-users are seen as active co-constructors of functionality. The group is part of the Department of Interactive Communications and Engineering within the School of Engineering and Built Environment.